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Our Technology

Our Technology

Cutting Edge Technology – Seamless Precision

Granite Countertops prides itself on using some of the top technology in the industry so that your job is completed efficiently and with precision.

Our seamless technology includes the cutting edge use of:

  • Digitalized Measuring
  • Slabsmith computer programming
  • CNC Northwood Cutting Machinery

In order to ensure a tailored appearance, your kitchen will be digitally measured. After the digital measurements are taken, the measurements are downloaded onto a computer. Through the use of Slabsmith, team members are able to use a computerized program to move measurements around on a slab. This technology allows the client to see the lay out of the job before anything is cut. In addition, Slabsmith allows cuts to align with the grain perfectly so that the finished product looks seamless.

After the layout is decided upon, Granite Countertops Unlimited uses a CNC Northwood machine to cut the granite. This machine ensures that each seem is cut as it was measured and ensures a tailored fitting. Through the use of the Slabsmith and CNC Northwood, the finished project is precise and seamless.

Watch the video on how our Slabsmith works.

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