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Cleaners & Sealers

Cleaners & Sealers

All natural stone has a certain degree of porosity. Granite, Quartzite and Soapstone are not as porous as marble but still need to be sealed every 4-5 years. Marble, on the other hand, we recommend that you seal every year. Engineered quartz countertops NEVER have to be sealed. What to clean and seal your countertops with is a common question from our customers. The information we’ve provided below will help you in purchasing the right cleaners and sealers for your stone.

The SCI Granite Countertop “Care Kit” includes:

1 8oz Marbamist Spray Cleaner
1 8oz International Stone Polish
1 8oz StoneSpray-N-Seal™
1 8oz Counterrific Disinfectant

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Browse the complete line of Stone Care International Products below.

Granite Countertops Sealers

STONE SPRAY-N-SEAL is a water-based penetrating sealer that provides excellent stain protection on all natural stone surfaces. For interior and exterior use. Lasts for years.

STONE SPRAY-N-SEAL XP water-based sealer provides amazing protection on all extra porous stone. Long-lasting formula for interior and exterior use.

Granite Countertops Cleaners

STONE GLIDE COUNTERTOP WIPES are perfect for cleaning all countertop surfaces. Disposable. Simply wipe and throw away.

MARBAMIST® COUNTERTOP STONE SPRAY CLEANER is a Ready to use spray formula for stone countertops, vanities, walls, table tops, bar tops and even statues. Simply spray and wipe. Use daily.

CLEAN EnCOUNTERS® COUNTERTOP SPRAY CLEANER cleans natural stone surfaces, solid surfaces, laminate surfaces and engineered stone. Spray and wipe formula. Ready to use. Use daily.

DEEP CLEANER FOR DuPONT® CORIAN5 removes stubborn stains from all brands of Solid Surfaces without using abrasive scrubbing pads. Ready to use Spray Formula works in minutes.

MARBALEX5 is a concentrated stone floor cleaner. Excellent for all natural stone floors such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, terra cotta, terrazzo and agglomerates. UL classified for slip resistance.

CERAMICLEAN® is a ceramic tile, porcelain and grout cleaner. Its penetrating action removes mold, mildew, kitchen grease, soap scum and lime deposits from the tile surface. Non-acidic. Concentrated.

STONE QUEST® is an intensive, safe, non-butyl stone cleaner. It quickly penetrates heavy surface soils, soap scum, grease, soot, ink, carbon (pollution), algae and mildew. For interior and exterior use.

STONE STRIPPER is a topical coating/wax remover formulated with a safer and lower alkalinity level that will not harm the natural mineral composite of stone. Use with red or green pads only.

Granite Countertops Disinfectants

COUNTERRIFIC is a ready-to-use disinfectant spray that is FDA and EPA approved to kill germs on kitchen countertops and bathrooms. FDA approved for use on direct food contact surfaces and EPA registered in all states. Kills Salmonella, Ecoli, Listeria and much more.

MARBADAN® PLUS DISINFECTANT safely disinfects marble, granite, ceramic tile, grout, and all natural stones. Acid and alkali free. It is safe for direct food contact surfaces and kills Salmonella, Listeria, and Ecoli. Kills mold and mildew in bathrooms. Concentrated formula.

Granite Countertops Stain Removers

SCI POULTICE POWDERS are ready to use powders designed to reabsorb stubborn stains from stone that cannot be removed with liquid cleaners. Formulas for removing rust, food, ink, mildew and oil.

Granite Countertops Color Enhancer

STONE COLOR ENHANCER magnifies and protects the natural colors and textures of rough surfaced stones such as unpolished, flamed, honed, sandblasted and brushed surfaces. Perfect for slate, flamed granite and tumbled marble. Seals and enhances in one step.

Granite Countertops Polish & Restoration Products

SCI POLISHING POWDERS arc the natural way to polish stone surfaces. Special blends of polishing compounds will restore the natural polish of most stone surfaces. Formulas include polishes for marble, granite, terrazzo and agglomerate surfaces.

HONEX® HONING POWDER is a blend of abrasive compounds that will help smooth heavily worn marble, terrazzo and agglomerate surfaces. Use before using polishing powders if necessary.

MARBA SHINE is a ready-to-use polishing formula that will maintain the natural polish of marble, limestone and terrazzo floor surfaces. Simply apply onto the floor surface and buff with a 175 rpm buffing machine using a red or white pad.

CRYSTAL SHINE MARBLE CRYSTALLIZER is ideal for polishing marble, terrazzo and agglomerate floors. Simply spray and buff with a #0 or #00 steel wool pad. Leaves floors with a mirror shine.

MARBA CREAM is a polishing cream that will restore the natural polish of marble surfaces, contains a combination of polishing compounds that will revive dull the floors, vanities, tabletops, countertops, shower walls and glass rings.

INTERNATIONAL STONE POLISH® is a protective countertop coating that will polish, protect and enhance the brilliant colors of natural stone. Not for floor , the polish will protect and enhance the natural gloss of stone countertops, vanities, walls and columns.

Granite Countertops Restoration Accessories

STONE DIAMOND ABRASIVES will resurface and restore heavily worn and scratched marble, granite, limestone and terrazzo surfaces back to their original factory polish.

STONE GRINDING MACHINES are perfect for restoring and maintaining all stone floor surfaces such as: marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, limestone, agglomerates and travertine.

Stone Care has a complete line of stone, grout, and tile care products for Marble tile, Grout, Granite tile, Corian, ceramic tile, Granite Countertops, Ceramic Floor Tile, Formica, Kitchen Tile, Terrazzo, Travertine, Floor Tile, Porcelain Tile, Terra Cotta, and all other natural stones. Stone Care products are perfect for Home Improvement, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling projects and are for commercial and residential use.

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