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Living in Athens, GA

Living in Athens, GA

Athens, GA, is a college town, home to the University of Georgia, but it is rich with activities for people of all ages. Because the population of Athens includes a large percentage of college students, there is a very active rental market in the area. Even though the rental market is buzzing, the median rent in Athens, GA, is quite a bit lower than the national average. The city doesn’t just cater to college students; it is a nice place to raise children with well-regarded schools, and it is considered a great place to retire. Still, because of the presence of the university, statistically, most people living in Athens, GA, are 18-24 years of age with some college.

The actual geek revival mansions and Victorian-era storefronts make this town a must visit if you enjoy southern architecture. There are areas of Athens that are in the National Register of Historic Places. You can feel the southern charm walking the downtown streets, and the city manages to strike a balance between quaint and exciting, offering multiple parks, playgrounds, and museums for day-time adventure and local restaurants and night-life options for an evening on the town.

Athens is located in the south, so you will experience a string of humid and hot days with the occasional thunderstorm throughout the summer. Bring sunscreen! However, you do get to enjoy all four seasons, including a mild winter. While you might see a snowflake from time to time, you are not going to get snowed in.

Georgia became the first state to charter a university, doing so because they wanted to further educate their population. Notably, the University of Georgia was founded in 1785; however, it wasn’t actually built until several years later. It officially opened for classes in 1801. After this happened, a number of influential people started to move to the city, seeking the best education for their children. Prominent families of wealth were looking to have their children carry on financial success.The University of Georgia remains a popular choice for higher education today. The University of Georgia has a 45% acceptance rate with an 84% graduation rate. From 1859 – 1931, Athens was also home to the Lucy Cobb Institute, a girls’ preparatory school. After it closed its doors, the campus was absorbed by the University of Georgia, though in recent years, portions of the Institute’s campus were revitalized and serve as the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Athens is home to the Georgia Museum of Art, which offers nine galleries, some permanent and others rotating. You can find collections of earth sciences, biological and archeological collections in the Georgia Museum of Natural History. The Performing Arts Center of the University of Georgia as well as the Classic Center are both located in downtown Athens and host a variety of artists and performance groups throughout the year.

If you’d prefer to be outside, you can visit the State Botanical Garden, with approximately 313 acres of gardens. Athens is also the headquarters of the Garden Club of Georgia. In 1891, the first garden club was founded in Athens at the Cobham home.

Today there are many places to go and see in Athens, including many local businesses and restaurants to enjoy after a day of activities. The southern culture is very warm and inviting, and you will certainly never go hungry.

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