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Fun Things to Do in Athens, GA

Fun Things to Do in Athens, GA

When you visit a new area, it’s great to be prepared. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a little research can help you determine the local places you’d like to explore. Let’s take a look at some of the fun activities both indoors and outside to experience while visiting Athens, GA.

University of Georgia

Whether the school is in session or not, it is always a great time to visit the oldest university in the US. The University of Georgia was the first state-funded university and some of the buildings date back more than 200 years. Take a stroll and enjoy the architecture of the campus and the historic buildings. Of course, if you are lucky enough to get tickets, a Georgia Bulldogs football game is a memorable experience. But, don’t sleep on the university’s other collegiate teams. Depending on the time of year, there is always a sport in action.

Southeast Clarke Park, featuring World of Wonder Playground

This park features something for everyone – including baseball/softball and other athletic fields, tennis courts, green spaces, and walking trails. If you are a dog owner, take advantage of their dog park for a safe way for your dog to socialize and get some exercise. World of Wonder playground is one of two playgrounds at the park. This playground is huge and features ten slides and an entire area dedicated to swings for children – and adults. There is also a walking path that goes around the park, perfect for getting in some exercise or just stretching your legs while the kids play. Shade is limited, so bring sunscreen. 

Bear Hollow Zoo

If you have children or enjoy animals, plan to visit Bear Hollow Zoo. Bear Hollow Zoo is home to a variety of wildlife residents, who can no longer safely live in their typical habitat. The zoo provides a great opportunity to learn more about multiple species of animals and discuss how animals and humans can safely share our planet. 

Georgia Museum of Art

If the weather outside isn’t ideal for being outside, head over to the Georgia Museum of Art and explore the art available in their galleries. This museum offers a wide selection of art from paintings to sculptures and more, and it offers free admission. The museum is located on the University of Georgia campus, so if weather brightens up (or cools down!), be sure to explore the beautiful architecture on campus after your visit. 

State of Botanical Garden of Georgia

Here you can learn about science and conservation, while exploring beautiful gardens and collections. This is mostly an outdoor place that is rich with culture and alive with amazing plant species. This garden often hosts special events, so be sure to check out their online calendar before you go and see what might be happening.

Sandy Creek Nature Center

Sandy Creek Nature Center is another option for an outdoor adventure. Athens has such a beautiful climate for most of the months. Because of this, there is a lot to do outdoors. People visit year-round. This nature center has many trails and paths to explore. You also can visit an old log cabin and brick company located on the property. While hiking, be on the lookout for old foundations and collapsed chimney remains. You may also spot a nest or two.

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