Kitchen Countertops for Augusta GA, Athens GA, Aiken SC

Granite Kitchen Countertops

As time goes on people evolve, and as they evolve, their sense of personal style often changes. This means that what your home looked like when it was first purchased may not reflect your current sense of style. Remodeling may be what’s needed to make the property what you believe it could be. If you feel that your kitchen or bathroom countertops are a bit underwhelming, you may want to consider and upgrade to marble countertops or granite countertops with Granite Countertops Unlimited.

What kind of color options are there available?

Marble countertops and granite solutions are the perfect upgrade for most people, and Granite Countertops Unlimited has a variety to styles, types and colors to suit your tastes. The installation of new countertops can really change the entire space. Customers can choose from a range of different types of color options. Granite styles come in different varieties, ranging from soft, neutral tones to bold, inspired red, and blue hues. Marble styles come in gold and green varieties. Color choices available offer a range of possibilities for any remodeling project and many more

Benefits of using granite in countertops

Resilient countertops made from granite or marble are often chosen for durability. Extreme heat or sharp metals cause no surface damage. Non-porous in nature, Granite Kitchen Countertops are easy to sanitize. Every granite or marble surface is unique in nature and cannot be replicated. Unearthed stones carry their own unique characteristics and markings. The very color of the stones featured will never fade, which ensures a consistent appearance for years to come. Once the remodeling effort for the Granite Kitchen Countertops is complete, the home’s perceived value increases to prospective buyer. Should the surface be subjected to severe pressure causing a crack, a technician can repair the imperfection, restoring it to its original condition.

Benefits of using marble in countertops 

The illustrious sheen resulting from the refinement and polishing process guarantees a rich, elegant appearance for years to come. An alternative to granite, are marble countertops for those seeking an upgrade for the kitchen countertops. Like granite, these countertops are highly resistant to hot temperatures and other acts that lead to surface damage. The original appearance of the stone is preserved and is never altered when mined. The imperfections, patterns and subtle variations and hues are unaffected throughout the refinement process.

Colors of marble and granite used in countertops can vary greatly. Contemporary design aspirations tend to be better suited for thicker countertops. Darker colors are typically associated with a more elegant appearance. As a rule of thumb, the more marble or granite required, the higher the cost of the remodeling project. Discuss your design options with your local Granite Countertops Unlimited today.