Commercial Countertops for Augusta GA, Athens GA, Aiken SC


Commercial Countertops Settings

Commercial countertops need to be durable as well as attractive to meet the needs of businesses. Whether its countertop for a dining establishment, hotel or an office, it’s critical to select countertops that tick off all of your boxes. Granite Countertops Unlimited has a wide selection of granite and marble commercial countertops to meet the needs and match the style of your business.

Countertops in commercial settings are often made out of materials such as marble and granite because of their beauty and durability and both materials offer their own set of distinctive advantages.

The Advantages of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are strong and can handle a lot of surface traffic. Although this stone is strong, it still manages to have a smooth, warm and natural feel. This is a good thing for commercial interior designers who want to include striking design components after fabrication. Marble has heat resistance on its side as well. Burning isn’t a problem for it. Countertops that are composed of this material can stay lovely for decades and decades on end. When properly maintained and cared for, marble can keep its beauty for years.

The Advantages of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are similar in that they’re staples in many interior spaces. People frequently spot them in residential bathrooms and kitchens. They frequently spot them in other commercial settings such as hotel lobbies and lounges. They’re common materials for commercial countertops and can boost the appeal and value of a space significantly. Granite countertops are sturdy and are not vulnerable to chipping or scratching as their laminate or pressed counterparts. Natural granite countertops are ideal for fans of all-natural visual appeal looking to design a commercial setting that has a warm and organic feel. Granite‚Äôs natural composition allows it to rebel dirt, debris and bacteria. It is nonporous, which helps stop bacteria and virus from settling and breeding. People who are looking to maintain fresh, hygienic and healthy business environments often gravitate to granite for that reason. Although granite countertops aren’t susceptible to conspicuous chipping or scratching, those kinds of issues are usually a piece of cake to repair. Choosing the right commercial countertops is often a job that calls for a lot of detailed planning and research.

The design and installation experts at Granite Countertops Unlimited can help you decide what option best fits your business needs and budget. Whether it is Marble or Granite, a stone countertops from Granite Countertops Unlimited are as strong and durable as they are beautiful and eye catching.

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