Bathroom Countertops for Augusta GA, Athens GA, Aiken SC

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If you’ve contemplated remodeling your bathroom, you’re certainly not alone and Granite Countertops Unlimited is here to help you find the right style at the right price for your project.

The bathroom is one of the most commonly remodeled rooms in most homes, other than the kitchen. Ironically, many of today’s popular bathroom upgrades are kitchen-inspired, namely countertops. If you’ve been following trends in home remodeling, you may have heard that granite bathroom countertops are becoming a must-have amongst many homeowners. The same holds true for marble countertops; these two building materials can improve the overall aesthetics of any bathroom.

Why have granite countertops become so sought-after? Well, there is a multitude of reasons. It is easy to maintain; cleaning a granite surface only requires that you periodically wipe it off with a damp cloth. Also, it is stain resistant and will look beautiful for years to come. Granite is a natural stone that is comprised of many unique characteristics; it’s available in a plethora of colors that can complement just about any bathroom. Also, it is available in multiple tones including speckled motifs and marble.

Additionally, granite bathroom countertops fair quite well in moisture-rich environments, like bathrooms for example. Unlike other building materials that will warp or breakdown once exposed to moisture, granite countertops maintain it’s beauty regardless of how much water it is exposed to. That being said, as a homeowner, you are encouraged to have your granite countertop polished and re-sealed periodically to maintain it’s shine.

As for marble countertops, they possess some of the same attributes found in granite bathroom countertops and staining; however, they are more susceptible to scratching. Of course, don’t allow these, seemingly, negative attributes dissuade you; it is still a great choice, but one that require slightly more upkeep.

So, what is the best choice? Well, the choice comes down to your personal taste and budget. Perhaps you have a color scheme in mind; a granite countertop would be preferable since it is available in a variety of colors. However, Granite Countertops Unlimited can supply any natural stone or Quartz want you have as well.

Ideally, you will want to find a reputable contractor who offers free estimates and Granite Countertops Unlimited offers just that. We work with clients on various ideas regarding bathroom vanities, which, in turn, allows them to make an informed decision. Whether it’s separate bathroom vanities or a long bathroom countertop, we have the material and experience to help your vision become a reality. Call today to speak with one of our countertop design specialist.