Family Owned & Operated

Greg Moon

Sales Manager

Greg was born and raised in Elberton, GA. He has worked in the granite industry for most of his life. Greg has had extensive experience in many areas of granite and stonework, including monuments. He is also a skilled operator of a digitizer that aids in the precise measurements of countertop slabs.

He currently assists in running and managing Granite Countertops Unlimited. Greg also assists in the sales and general operations at the shop.

He is married and has a seven year old daughter. Greg enjoys boating, fishing, camping, and trail riding with his family.

JoAnn Moon

Office Manager

JoAnn was born and raised in Hart, GA. She moved to Elberton, GA in 1983. JoAnn has been in the granite industry for 19 years.   JoAnn is the proud mother of Greg & Jeff Moon. JoAnn enjoys reading, cross stitching, and spending time with her six wonderful grandchildren.

JoAnn maintains and runs Granite Memorials Direct. Contact JoAnn with any questions or needs that pertain to memorials, monuments, and mausoleums.


 Jeff Moon

Production Manager

Jeff was born in Anderson, SC, but was raised in Elberton, GA.  He began his career  in the monument business in 1997 and has done everything from headstone cutting to amature level sculpting. Jeff remained in the monument business for 7 years before getting into the countertop business.

He has been serving the public in fabricating their granite needs for 11 years. Jeff is the production manager at Granite Countertops Unlimited. Jeff’s eye for detail makes him a quality countertop fabricator.

Jeff enjoys the outdoors, building and fixing anything, and spending time with his wife and three children.

June Moon

Office Secretary

June was born and raised in Elberton, GA, the Granite Capital of the World. She has been involved in the granite industry for 17 years.  She enjoys spending time with her family, going to church, and thanks God for the opportunity to serve where she can.

June serves as an office secretary for Granite Countertops Unlimited and also with assisting customers.